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Help to improve HL72Xml Library

Aug 19, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Hi anyone,

is there a person who is interested in developing standard components running in ESB.NET or other run time for the health care sector. I think that the issue HL7 and technologies to support transform HL7 to HL7XML Version 2 within .NET could help to do this. It would be a pleasure to hear something about that.

- support TCP/IP MLLP in ESB.NET

- ESB.NET act as Socket server or Socket client

- support simple components for the enrichment of HL7 messages using XSLT or .NET source code

- support RFC libs like SAP connector

Just a tip is the java implementation for HL72Xml. Is there anyone with the interest to provide components for service mix or Mirth or else.